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Promote your business in a more targeted, relevant and effective way

Homellio allows you to put your business in front of your target audience – homeowners who are ready to design, build, renovate, decorate or furnish their homes.

Join our database of architects, designers, builders, manufacturers, retail shops, online stores and many other businesses providing services and products to homeowners across the UK.

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Build your online presence with a business profile on Homellio. It’s easy to sign up and our Basic Membership is free!

Reach New Customers

Gain direct exposure to your target audience as the majority of Homellio visitors are project-ready homeowners.

Collect Reviews

Homeowners rely on reviews to make their decisions. Collect reviews and strengthen your online reputation.

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Upgrade to our Premium Membership to enjoy more benefits and get noticed by potential customers more easily.

Why Homellio

  • We are free to join

    You can join Homellio and set up your basic business profile completely free of charge. We also have a paid Premium membership option for those who want to access more features. Homellio's Premium membership costs just £24/month or £240/year (VAT included).

  • Set up your profile in minutes

    It's easy to set up your profile on Homellio. Show potential clients why they should choose you: add your business info, select categories, upload photos, receive reviews and more. An eye-catching profile will make you stand out to potential customers.

  • All categories covered

    Whether you are a manufacturer or supplier of home furniture, décor, appliances, materials and finishes or a professional in architecture, interior design, construction, maintenance and home repairs, you can add your business to Homellio.

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Homellio is the ultimate platform to promote your business in a more targeted, relevant and effective way. Create your profile. Reach new customers. Grow your business.

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