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I design bespoke fitted and freestanding furniture for any room you can think of. Not only kitchens but libraries, studies, dressing rooms, AV units, cinemas, bedrooms and bathrooms too. I can work with you whoever you are - an interior designer, an architect, developer, builder or simply a private client who likes to think outside the box

I'll go through every detail with you until everything looks right and works the way it should. If you're a design professional you can deal with me yourself or brief me to talk to your clients. Each piece is made to the highest standards from the best materials we can source, and fitted with extreme care

I've worked on projects ranging from individual pieces to complete apartments. Styles from traditional to cutting-edge: locations from Mayfair to the Caribbean. Prices competitive and surprisingly affordable

However complex your brief, my basic idea is very simple - to give you exactly what you want. You can see the work I've done in the past in my ​Portfolio Gallery​

Last thing - it's easy to find out more. No-obligation estimates cost nothing.


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  • Furniture design, supply and install
  • Kitchen design suppply and install
  • Media units design, supply and install
  • Home Office design, supply and install

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