Top 6 Vegetables To Grow This Summer

Published on Aug 26, 2020
A hand grabbing a selection from a pile of summer seasonal vegetables on a white surface.
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Why bother venturing to the shop when you could have your own greengrocers in your back garden? With a steady green thumb, determination and a little bit of patience, you can have a garden of vegetables ready to bring to your table.

Before you jump right into a plant pot though, you need to know which vegetables to grow in summer. Find out which plants are summer favourites below and see which ones you can grow in your garden today.  


No vegetable patch is complete without tomatoes. Tomatoes need plenty of sun and heat, which is why growing them in summer, is ideal. Typically, tomatoes will need at least six to eight hours of

  • sun a day. As soon as the
  • weather starts to get warmer, you should be
  • planting tomatoes to get the best harvest by August.

There are so many tomato plants available, so make sure you are selecting the right choice for


You can grow lettuce in summer; however, they should not be exposed to temperatures over 27 °C. You should space each lettuce plant at least 15cm to 45cm apart, to allow for potential growth. Keep your lettuce plant hydrated, and you can apply mulch to deter weeds.

Sweet Potatoes

Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes love warm weather and soil. Sweet potatoes are relatively easy to grow as they only require warm soil to flourish. Make sure you are planting them with space to grow, as the vines will spread out as much as you allow them.

This plant needs between three and four weeks of full sun, and you should plant them approximately 15 centimetres deep while being 30 centimetres apart from each other.


Cucumbers are a summertime favourite, especially since you can eat them straight from the plant or you can chop them up for your salad to accompany your BBQ. Cucumbers prefer warmer climates, and you should place each plant 45 centimetres apart, to allow them to grow correctly.


Along with your tomatoes, you can grow peppers. Peppers prefer fertile soil and the warmth of the sun. You should water them with approximately 5 centimetres of water each week. Peppers do take a while to grow, so you’ll need patience before you can enjoy your harvest. You should start growing your peppers inside, before planting them in a place that has access to the sun without any shade.


This one is for the more experienced gardeners as you will require slightly more knowledge and time to grow corn successfully. Corn needs a lot of space to grow, as you will have to plant them in rows with approximately 30 centimetres between each plant.

Do you have a green thumb?

There are different seeds you can buy right now to get started on your vegetable patch. Start today and see what you can grow. No matter what you grow, just get outside and start practising today. Just remember it takes time and determination to yield the best harvest.

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