Kick Off Your Project With A Mood Board

Published on Mar 16, 2021
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When designing your dream home, it is easy to lose sight of your vision. A mood board is a great way to keep all your ideas in one place and ensure you stay on track throughout the design process.

What is a mood board?

At its most basic, a mood board is a collection of images that inspire you for your design project. There are two types of mood boards: digital mood boards, which pull together images on a screen, and physical mood boards, where you use samples of the actual products you are going to use in your scheme, mainly samples of fabrics, floor finishes, paint, wallpaper, tiles etc.

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Digital mood boards are a useful tool to help build a sense of style, colours and textures when designing your home. Use them as a tool to help you select your furniture, materials, lighting, accessories etc. The entire room should be built around your mood board. The beauty of digital mood boards - there are no limitations. When putting together mood boards, it is easy to simply use Google or Pinterest to find the best images for your projects. Also, real-world inspiration is all around us. Choose whatever inspires you -  art, fashion, movie posters, favourite furniture pieces, nature - anything that helps you build a theme or get a sense of the room can be added to your mood board.

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Physical mood boards are the final and most important step in the design process, because they allow you to see the actual finishes of the products you have chosen. All the samples can be easily ordered from suppliers and it is extremely important that you do so in order to avoid any costly mistakes. That particular shade of purple you liked on screen might look very different against the beige cushion when you bring them together in real life. There is nothing more important than bringing those finishes together before you start decorating your home.

Top Tip: If you are decorating an entire house, make a separate mood board for each room to get a clear sense of the style and colour theme you are trying to achieve.

Mood boards are useful, versatile tools. If you have never tried creating one as part of your design process, give it a go for your next project, then come back and let us know how it went!

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