Expanding Your Living Area - Ground Floor Renovations You Could Consider

Published on Sep 8, 2020
A woman sat drinking coffee on a sofa in an interior designed living room.
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Are you looking to expand your living area? Has your family grown, and more space is needed? Do you want to remain in your existing home? If so, here are a few extension ideas that can provide you with design inspiration to help create the best addition for your home.
Two storey extension

A two-storey extension will not only add more living and sleeping space, it can transform the look of your home from the outside too. For a good quality double storey extension, it can cost between £1,620 and £1,860 per square metre. It may be possible to build a two-storey extension under the permitted development rights. However, it is very likely that you will need planning permission, so do look into this first.

Kitchen extension

A kitchen extension is a great way to turn a cramped kitchen into a family friendly place to socialise. An open style kitchen will offer space, improve light levels and make cooking more enjoyable. Kitchen extensions can cost between £1,260 and £1,680 per square metre with a simple plastered finish.


A conservatory added to the side or rear of a property can add more room to the house. They are easy to install and come in lots of sizes and designs. They add value to your property and can be built without planning permission. Conservatory prices start from £8,500 to over £30,000 for a bespoke conservatory.


Adding a sunroom will add functionality, value and space to your property. They can cost between £14,535 and £72,000 but can be tailored for a specific purpose. They are a straightforward and simple addition to a home with no need for planning permission. Due to the increased natural light, less reliance on artificial lightening will mean lower energy costs, saving you money.

An Annexe

Building an annexe is a great option for creating more space. It can offer a degree of independent living and could even offer a self-contained bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. The cost of the annexe will depend on if it’s made out of wood or brick, if it is freestanding or connected to the main house. Prices start from £1,500 to £1,900 per square metre for an annexe of basic quality to £2,200 to £2,400 per square metre for excellent quality. You would need planning permission to build a habitable annexe in your garden.

If your currently property is feeling a little cramped, why not look into these renovation ideas to increase space within your existing home without having to move to a new property.

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