7 Signs You Need To Declutter

Published on Sep 8, 2020
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When you look around your home do you see an oasis of spacious minimalism, or is it more likely that you can’t walk through your rooms in a straight line because of all the junk you’ve accumulated? If it’s the latter then it could be time for you to declutter. Read on and decide whether your possessions need to be whittled down.
1. How is your wardrobe?

You know you have too many clothes when your wardrobe is so full, with clothes so crammed together you can’t actually see what you’ve got and you frequently pull out something you’d completely forgotten about buying. Not only that but you also have under-bed boxes and even cupboards full of seasonal clothes or clothes which don’t fit anymore.

2. Is your bathroom a haven?

Or is it full of shower gels, body lotions and obscure soap sets bought for you by someone who doesn’t know you hate the smell of lavender? Or maybe your cabinets are crammed with various personal care gadgets that you used once and then decided they didn’t live up to expectations.

3. Children’s toys and old school books

If the kids can’t bear to part with things then consider packing them away in storage boxes rather than having everything scattered around rooms or on shelves.

4. Bulging kitchen drawers

When kitchen drawers and cupboards are so full of plastic carrier bags, old electrical plugs and other bits and bobs kept ‘just in case’ that you’re unable to find that pie dish, favourite flower vase or favourite baking tray then it’s time for a good clear out.

5. Magazine mountain

Another sign is that mountain of books and magazines that you’re definitely going to read when you have the time. If you haven’t read it during the first weeks after purchase, the chances are you’re not going to.

6. Forgotten souvenirs of forgotten holidays

Tacky plastic ornaments and wall plates bearing the names of places you’ve visited may be pleasing to the eye at first, but too many ‘souvenirs’ can start to make a home look like a novelty gift shop.

7. Obsolete technology

Everyone seems to have a collection of old mobile phones, CDs, old laptops or kindles and even mountains of music cassettes or vinyl records cluttering up cupboards and shelves. Convert your music collection to digital and see where you can make some money by selling your old gadgets.

Don’t be ruled by clutter. Recycle, re-gift or sell then sit back and enjoy a clutter-free home.

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