5 Popular Paint Colours For Your Front Door

Published on Aug 26, 2020
A black gated white townhouse front entrance decorated with a bright yellow front door.
© Evelyn Paris / Unsplash
Your front door is more than just an entrance to your home. It is a prominent feature people direct their eyes towards when they first step through your gate. Your front door is similar to a first impression, and you want to make sure it grabs the right attention from buyers, neighbours, and more.

If you don’t want to paint your house a bright colour, then painting your door is the next best option as it allows you to express your style and alludes to the décor within. The only question is, what colour do you pick?

Red wooden door London
© Lina Kivaka / Pexels.

1. Be bold

The standard colour for doors is typically white, black and even blue; however, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to these colours. Why not choose a bold colour like red? Red will catch the attention of every guest and will stand out against your homes natural brickwork.

Red is also a very welcoming colour and is associated with joy, courage, vibrancy and strength. A red door will also complement a vibrant garden filled with an array of flowers.

Wooden front door
Micheile Henderson / Unsplash

2. Go natural

If a bright red front door isn’t your style, how about choosing a natural wood door? Mahogany is a popular option as it is a durable hardwood with a desirable appearance. Mahogany doors are also hard to dent, resistant to decay and will last for years. Pine and maple are also popular options as they great insulators and will last a long duration of time.

Wooden front doors are also very aesthetically appealing and can complement a rustic, vintage or modern exterior.


Purple front door
© Drimafilm / Adobe Stock.

3. Perfect in purple

If you are a risk-taker who loves a pop of colour in their life, a purple front door might be the perfect option for you. Purple is associated with luxury, nobility and power, so if that describes your personality and style, you have to pick purple.

A purple front door will also stand out against your home, no matter what the style of your exterior is. From rustic wood to natural brickwork, a purple door might be the eye-catching feature you are after.


Yellow front door
© Evelyn Paris / Unsplash.

4. A little bit of sunshine

You can welcome people into your home through a cheerful yellow front door. The contract between the exterior of your home and a bright yellow door will catch the attention of guests and potential buyers alike. Plus, who isn’t happy when they look at the colour yellow?

Yellow also conveys warmth, fun and happiness. A yellow front door will work well with an otherwise neutral exterior.


Black front door London
© Lina Kivaka / Pexels.

5. Back to black

Of course, we couldn’t have this list without mentioning the staple colour of the front door colour option world. A jet black front door will always be a popular choice, especially for older homes. A black front door will contrast the rest of your home, in an elegant and sophisticated manner. Having a black front door might suggest a modern and cultured interior as well.


Your choice

There are so many textures and colours available, which means you can find the right front door option for you. Simply take into consideration your style, the exterior of your home and the interior décor you will have. You will find the right front door colour for you! Which front door colour will you choose?

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