4 Benefits Of A Feature Wall

Published on Aug 30, 2020
A white modern interior design living room area contrasted with a navy blue feature wall.

Do you want a natural focal point in your home? A feature wall is an excellent way to revamp and revitalise a space instantly. No matter your style, or existing décor, a feature wall can reinvigorate your home and give it a whole new feel, not to mention it can be inexpensive.

Learn about the benefits of a feature wall, and how you can make the most of it.

Defining a feature wall

Everyone has walked into a room where every single wall is the same colour. A feature wall, or accent wall as it is also known, allows you to add some colour, texture or pattern to one wall. By uniquely decorating one wall, you can alter the entire personality and appeal of that room. You can have a bold and bright feature wall, or incorporate a subtle pattern to reflect your personality and décor.

It is budget-friendly

Wallpapering or painting your entire room can be expensive. Having a feature wall means you can spend less as you are only decorating one wall. Of course, you can rack up costs if you are opting for the most expensive features, but if you take your time, you can find the right wallpaper, paint or accessories for your feature wall.

Reflect your personality

It can be hard to incorporate your personality into a room, without making it feel too overcrowded, which is why a feature wall helps. You can express your personality and interior style through the patterns, colours and accessories you pick for your feature wall.

Use it in any room

A feature wall can be used in just about any room. You could have a feature wall behind your headboard in the bedroom, behind the TV in the living room or even in your kid’s room.

Add depth

If you want to give the illusion of a larger space, a feature wall can do that. A feature wall can add depth, primarily if you use dark colours.

Top tips:

  • Do not simply select a wall to be your feature wall. Think about what your existing focal point is, for example, where your TV, fireplace or headboard is placed. A feature wall should accentuate your current features.
  • Avoid having a feature wall in a small room as this can just make it seem overcrowded.
  • Try using subtle or neutral colours if you are unsure about the longevity of a feature wall.

Ideas for a feature wall

There are so many beautiful feature walls; however, we thought we would give you a few ideas to get you started. Wood panelling is an alternative option to paint and wallpaper. You could also design a mural, incorporate a pattern, be bold with bright paint or use a floral theme to set your room apart.

People have hung rugs on their feature wall, chosen a distinctive accessory or used brickwork to create their feature wall. No matter the design, make sure it suits your personality. Take your time and pick the right pattern, colour and accessories for you.

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